Friday, December 16, 2011

43. Scarves

I didn't realise it until today, but I think I have an obsession with scarves. On my daily visit to net-a-porter I found myself adding scarf after scarf to my wishlist, thinking about all the different colours I didn't own. Then I thought I should count how many I did own... 14. But I do wear them all the time and most of them are winter scarves, so I need lightweight scarves for summer!

I decided to put together a scarf wishlist for Christmas.

1. Jane Car Peach/Blue Shell Scarf @ Sambag
2. Alexander McQueen skull Scarf (which sold out about an hour after I saw it)
3. Gucci Paisley Scarf
4. Alexander McQueen Leopard Skull Scarf
5. Athena Procopiou Scarf

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

42. Things that should come in bigger sizes

Sometimes I think it's unfair they don't make children's things in adult sizes. These Sambag Baby Paris sandals are so delicious!!! I bet they only look cute on mini feet though...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

41. Turquoise beaches, blue skies

I've recently returned home after three weeks amongst the most bluest of blue waters in Mexico and the Caribbean. The crystal clear turquoise beaches made the days feel longer and the colour blue even more blue. Here are just a few of my blue snaps...

I was lucky enough to visit some amazing places and will share my stories and recommendations soon.

Monday, December 12, 2011

40. Brighton dog beach

We like to think that besides sleeping and eating, Ari's favourite thing to do is go to the beach. He turns into this crazy little puppy who runs around in circles, jumps up and down, and really just has a ball! Its so funny and makes me laugh!

One of the best things about Melbourne (particularly Elwood-St Kilda-Brighton) is the dog-friendly parks and beaches. The snaps below are from our most recent trip to the Brighton doggy beach. A fenced-in area for dogs to go crazy and not worry about annoying the people sunbathing and relaxing.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

39. White & blue

In my quest to wear more colour I bought these blue pants a while ago. Besides jeans I never really wore pants, in fact until June this year I didn't own a single pair of pants. Fit is so so important and it takes practise to know exactly what works for your body. I don't think I have it perfected, but I am comfortable, so I guess that's a good thing.

Shirt|Farage, Pants|Veronica Maine, Shoes|Zu, Necklace|market find

38. 1960's inspiration

When I think of the 60's (and 70's) I think of my mum and all the beautiful dresses she wore in her teenage years. As a teenage myself I used to pour through photo albums full of bright dresses, black makeup and mum's long dark shiny hair with blonde streaks. Here are some photos from the 1960's I love... that can't possibly be Twiggy's real hair!

Source: Vogue (love the moped guy!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

37. Distracting shoes

I've been looking for the perfect shoes for my wedding. First I found these and thought they would be perfect, although I'm not sure where else I would wear them...

I also found these along the way and forgot I was searching for wedding shoes...

My sister and I fell in love with bright electric shoes whilst shopping last weekend. She was leaning to green, now I'm convinced about blue.

All images co/- Christian Louboutin

Monday, November 14, 2011

36. Feeling girly

Today was a girly day. A day for a full girly skirt. A day for walking around in the sun...although I did have to work in the office, so the walking part only lasted 20 minutes.

Jacket & Skirt|EmersonMade, Blouse|Witchery, Shoes|Alex & Alex, Bracelet|Birthday present

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