Wednesday, February 01, 2012

56. Mustique Island review

This is going to be a long post about a magnificent island I visited in December. Located in the Grenadines, this private Caribbean island is described as the playground of the rich and famous. I'm certainly not one of those and it didn't seem ritzy or pretentious, but I definitely see the appeal because it's private and simple. Most people walk around barefoot and wave Hi to each other, whilst celebrities hide in the comfort of their villas.

For us normal people you can get there on one of two flights a day from Barbados. Famous people (like Prince Wills and Kate who frequent the island) tend to arrive by private charter late in the evening. We didn't see anyone famous while we stayed, so I guess that's the appeal! There's an impressive list of villa owners and regular visitors, Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams, Tommy Hilfiger, Bill Gates and a raft of British royalty and aristocrats.

We stayed in a beautiful villa called Hibiscus, where the amazing staff looked after us for 7 days (thanks Andy). The guest book is like reading a gossip magazine, full of messages from celebrities like Warnie and Liz Hurley.

You have 3 accommodation options on Mustique. Stay at Cotton House the only hotel-style estate on the island; Stay at Firefly a boutique 5-room hotel, or rent one of 74 private villas (one of which belongs to Mick Jagger). I prefer the villa option, its more personal. Our wonderful chef Sharyn cooked food better than some 5-star restaurants we've eaten in.

To get around the island you walk or drive a mule (golf cart). Watch out for turtles!

What to do on Mustique:

¥ Visit Mustique water sports and snorkel, sail or dive the afternoon away. Take out a hobby-cat and sail around the island. Prices are similar to what you'd pay on any island. There's lots of little bays and crystal clear blue waters. Boat hire and fishing charters can be expensive as boats come from neighbouring islands and you pay for 6 people regardless.

¥  Chill at Basil's bar. It's the main bar on the beach full of lively reggae music, crazy drinks and lots of people. Apparently if you can drink more than 7 Hurricane David cocktails they'll name the drink after you... I'm not sure anyone has done this yet, Caribbean rum is strong!

¥  Go to the main island of St Vincent, its where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean... I was hoping Orlando Bloom was still hanging around when I visited! St Vincent is really pretty and there's heaps to see and do - markets, a volcano, war memorials, hills to climb, etc. 

¥ Finally, just laze at Macaroni beach... After all, relaxing is what Mustique is famous for (besides celebrities and parties)!

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