Monday, February 04, 2013

108. Confessions of a new year dog

Now that I'm four I'm officially an adult... In January I thought about creating a New Year resolutions list, but instead I embarked on some self improvement (excuse the pun). Here are six vital tips I can share:

1. Do not steal other people's toys (or balls)

No, that's not going to work...

...Steal when they are not looking!

2. Always go to the Dad for playtime. He lets you get away with more

3. When using cuteness for greater evil, ensure there is food within arms reach. This works particularly well with grandparents *also known as suckers*

4. Sit in front of people who put their hand in a bag. 8 out of 10 times a treat will follow

5. When your paws are dirty do not walk on freshly washed floors *if caught, cue puppy dog eyes*

6. When little children think they are higher than you in the pecking order, flash some teeth to set them straight!

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