Monday, November 11, 2013

124. Sunny afternoons, mummy style

Last night I spent two hours on my iPad looking at white and black t-shirts. I actually couldn't believe that much time had gone by... that's the problem with the internet, it's like a Casino (not that really visit Casinos), but it's designed so you get sucked in by all the pretty things (like a bug drawn to light). 

T-shirt|Rag & Bone, Skirt|Zara, Sandals|Sambag

This is my favourite t-shirt at the moment. I am branching out from white t-shirts to include black as they're a little more baby friendly... yes I know how stupid that sounds - the important things in life, but this is a post about mummy fashion duh!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

123. Lucky Boy Sunday

...Is it wrong that my baby son has 12 pairs of shoes he can't actually wear? The problem with being a mum is that you now have an excuse to buy all those cute baby things - like anything from Lucky Boy Sunday. I bought a few things from this Danish label when I was planning the nursery (I'll post some updates soon)... It's totally luxe and you will want to buy everything (even if you don't have a baby)!! 

My husband thinks I have a natural radar to only want things that are Scandinavian... I can't help that I'm attracted to nice things - that's a compliment to you husband (love you) he he

What's with Denmark anyway? It seems everyone born there is genetically programmed to create beautiful things (or babies).

All images from Lucky Boy Sunday

Speaking of Danish things actually, I have a secret love of the royals, including Princess Mary (even though she's a ring-in). I blame my mum for that, it's a baby boomer thing.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

122. Did I really need a nappy bag?

This is a post about nappy bags.

When I was pregnant the excitement of all things baby took over my brain. Which is why I spent quite some time thinking about nappy bags (and giraffes strangely enough).

I ummed and arghed over whether to buy a proper 'nappy bag'. In the end I chose fashion and selfishness and bought a bag that would work with my wardrobe. I didn't really think I needed 97 pockets to store everything... I have since discovered two is enough!

I did a lot of 'research' (hours of internet surfing) and ended up with this baby... a non-nappy-bag-nappy-bag that will continue life when I no longer need a nappy bag. It also works as a carry-on / overnight bag and expands to fit plenty of extra baby bits. I received a b-box as a baby shower gift which stores nappy supplies.

T-Shirt|Skin & Threads, Shorts|ASOS, Sandals|Ancient Greek Sandals

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

121. What I'm wearing now, mummy style

Some might think it's bad that I spend more time coordinating my baby's outfits than my own. I've put everything into little piles in his drawers so it's easy for my husband to match when he dresses him.. yes you might laugh, but if you're fashion obsessed you would do the same!

As expected, my new mum style now involves wearing flat shoes, so my collection of heels has hit a standstill while I add ballet flats and sandals. Both work well with flippy skirts or jeans with simple t-shirts, 1. because it requires minimal thought (as I have a 30 minute window to get ready) and 2. the plain tops hide baby vomit... lovely I know, but also true!

Top|COS, Skirt|BCBGMAXAZRIA Ingrid Skirt, Shoes|Lanvin, Sunglasses|le Specs

Cute baby, husband and dog shots thrown in too!

Friday, August 23, 2013

120. Everyone is wearing ankle boots

Everyone is crazy about ankle boots these days. I must admit I love them. My love affair began when I bought a pair of Givenchy booties on sale in San Francisco in 2011 - now I own five pairs in various styles and colours, including these Skin & Threads boots I bought while I was pregnant. I like the light grey colour because its a nice mix with the suede and leather.

In my endless search for outfit inspiration I came across this great site Need Supply Co. who post cute street style pics in their blog. I wouldn't normally re-post, but I'm borrowing a few 'me' outfits to try.

All pics from Need Supply Co. blog

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