Thursday, November 07, 2013

122. Did I really need a nappy bag?

This is a post about nappy bags.

When I was pregnant the excitement of all things baby took over my brain. Which is why I spent quite some time thinking about nappy bags (and giraffes strangely enough).

I ummed and arghed over whether to buy a proper 'nappy bag'. In the end I chose fashion and selfishness and bought a bag that would work with my wardrobe. I didn't really think I needed 97 pockets to store everything... I have since discovered two is enough!

I did a lot of 'research' (hours of internet surfing) and ended up with this baby... a non-nappy-bag-nappy-bag that will continue life when I no longer need a nappy bag. It also works as a carry-on / overnight bag and expands to fit plenty of extra baby bits. I received a b-box as a baby shower gift which stores nappy supplies.

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