Friday, August 23, 2013

120. Everyone is wearing ankle boots

Everyone is crazy about ankle boots these days. I must admit I love them. My love affair began when I bought a pair of Givenchy booties on sale in San Francisco in 2011 - now I own five pairs in various styles and colours, including these Skin & Threads boots I bought while I was pregnant. I like the light grey colour because its a nice mix with the suede and leather.

In my endless search for outfit inspiration I came across this great site Need Supply Co. who post cute street style pics in their blog. I wouldn't normally re-post, but I'm borrowing a few 'me' outfits to try.

All pics from Need Supply Co. blog

Thursday, August 22, 2013

119. What on earth do I wear now?

I am now entering post baby period when I want to wear all my old clothes, but the comfort factor is very low while I'm recovering, plus they don't fit. But 
I have managed to create lots of new outfits with things I already own... hard to believe but true (that comment was just in case my husband is reading this).

I am looking forward to a new-mum-shopping-trip in the coming months. OK so I have bought a few things online in the hours my little one is asleep... other than house work what else do I do in this time at home? My purchases of course are all practical 'mum' things.
Flat shoes for walking with bub and pram|Keds
Dark Jeans to go with everything|Riders by Lee in midnight

And finally, now that I have made a purchase from Seed Heritage Femme (which I consider the ultimate mum-store), I am officially a new mum. Plus they do have some cute looks, see.

I bought this top in black, thinking it is more practical than white

All pictures from Seed Heritage

Thursday, August 15, 2013

118. Summer pregnancy fashion

It was so much easier to dress a bump in warmer weather. My usually-belted floaty summer dresses were perfect when I travelled to Dubai at 26 weeks. I purchased maternity essentials - black leggings, skirt, two tops and two dresses, then managed to make these work with my existing wardrobe. My only regretful purchase were Paige maternity jeans, which I only wore once.

Husband dressed in traditional clothing for an event... in case you're wondering!

Dress|Zimmerman, Necklace|Louvisa, Sunglasses|Burberry

Dress|ASOS Maternity (borrowed from friend)

My all-time favourite summer dress|Witchery, Sandals|Natasha

That is a Hawk I am holding by-the-way

Dress|Seafolly, Scarf|Alexander McQueen (to cover shoulders when in Dubai, even though its 38 degrees)

Note: My wonderful (and patient) Husband was very careful to take all photos from the right pregnancy angle to avoid too many rolls *he he*.
One month in and the belly is slowly starting to shrink and resemble something of its former life. It took me a week or so to remember I wasn't pregnant anymore. Screaming baby cries at 2:00AM quickly put a stop to that!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

117. Nursery Snapshots

After spending many hours on and various other design sites, I started planning the nursery. First step... convince husband to paint stripes on the wall. Not as simple as you would think (the stripes that is).

I had the boring task of taping all the stripes, which is why we only did one wall. After hours of bending down with a fat pregnant belly, I didn't want stripes any more. Nonetheless, I think they turned out just fine.

These are a few snapshots of the work-in-progress nursery. I should be finished by the time Jack is walking, then I'm sure I will have changed my mind and be ready for an update... just kidding, love you husband! he he

Pictures|Animal Print Shop & Ikea frames, Elephants mobile|From cute kids shop in Elwood

I walked past this moose at Ikea for years and always thought he was so cute, but a little weird if I purchased it with no children. So he was the first nursery purchase! I'm not sure he'll ever be used, but he looks good.

I borrowed this Moses basket from a friend... as a sucker for cute baby things, at first I only wanted to set it up because it looked pretty in the nursery. Yes I know that is lame... but baby Jack is sleeping in it now. The jury is still out on whether he should go straight in the cot.

Cot & Shelves|Oeuf, Seed Pod Moses Basket, Pendant & Lamp|Beacon Lighting, Moose|Ikea, Toy Box & Drawers with Change Table|Parenthood

This is Ewan the Dream Sheep. He's a white noise toy and is the best $40 I have ever spent... Washing machine & Vacuum swishing noises are one of those things you only need to know about when you have a newborn baby.

Now I better get this room finished before my child goes to school!

Monday, August 12, 2013

116. Welcome to the world!

Our little bundle decided he would like to make an early entrance to the world. Two weeks to be precise. It's amazing how many things I had planned to get finished in that short amount of time, Oh well!

Welcome little frog... with your cute dangly long legs, mini ears and giraffe neck. It's nice that your Daddy pointed out the funny traits you got from your Mummy.

I promise not to become a crazy paparazzi parent and post hundreds of photos of my baby!

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