Thursday, August 15, 2013

118. Summer pregnancy fashion

It was so much easier to dress a bump in warmer weather. My usually-belted floaty summer dresses were perfect when I travelled to Dubai at 26 weeks. I purchased maternity essentials - black leggings, skirt, two tops and two dresses, then managed to make these work with my existing wardrobe. My only regretful purchase were Paige maternity jeans, which I only wore once.

Husband dressed in traditional clothing for an event... in case you're wondering!

Dress|Zimmerman, Necklace|Louvisa, Sunglasses|Burberry

Dress|ASOS Maternity (borrowed from friend)

My all-time favourite summer dress|Witchery, Sandals|Natasha

That is a Hawk I am holding by-the-way

Dress|Seafolly, Scarf|Alexander McQueen (to cover shoulders when in Dubai, even though its 38 degrees)

Note: My wonderful (and patient) Husband was very careful to take all photos from the right pregnancy angle to avoid too many rolls *he he*.
One month in and the belly is slowly starting to shrink and resemble something of its former life. It took me a week or so to remember I wasn't pregnant anymore. Screaming baby cries at 2:00AM quickly put a stop to that!

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