Thursday, August 22, 2013

119. What on earth do I wear now?

I am now entering post baby period when I want to wear all my old clothes, but the comfort factor is very low while I'm recovering, plus they don't fit. But 
I have managed to create lots of new outfits with things I already own... hard to believe but true (that comment was just in case my husband is reading this).

I am looking forward to a new-mum-shopping-trip in the coming months. OK so I have bought a few things online in the hours my little one is asleep... other than house work what else do I do in this time at home? My purchases of course are all practical 'mum' things.
Flat shoes for walking with bub and pram|Keds
Dark Jeans to go with everything|Riders by Lee in midnight

And finally, now that I have made a purchase from Seed Heritage Femme (which I consider the ultimate mum-store), I am officially a new mum. Plus they do have some cute looks, see.

I bought this top in black, thinking it is more practical than white

All pictures from Seed Heritage

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