Wednesday, October 31, 2012

98. Neon, denim and leather

Oh what a cute jacket I hear you say! But of course, that's because it's the same as mine. My sister thought I was sooo cool that she had to have one herself... just kidding (but secretly I think it is true). I made her pose for some photos because liked her neon top - maybe I'll buy one too... in a different colour of course.

Top|August Street, Jacket|White Suede, Jeans|Mavi, Shoes|Cute leopards

Sunday, October 28, 2012

97. 6 things we do for our dog that we don't tell anyone

Whilst sitting at the vet last week waiting for my dog Ari to have his vaccination, I watched a woman tell her dog "I'm cooking you a chicken bake for dinner tonight, with crunchy cheese just how you like it" *cookoo* ...but then I thought this is why Ari and I battle for #2 position in our family - he thinks he is human and it's our fault.

Photo by N.Leach

1.  When we get takeaway from Urban Burger (yum) we order a beef pattie for Ari. Once (when I rang to order) I felt the need to tell them it was for my dog... the person asked if he wanted fries with that... *not funny*

2.  In Vietnam earler this year, we had a cushion cover made especially for Ari's bed. I wanted a neutral colour to match our couch, duh!

3.  He eats Uncle Toby's Oat Crisps with milk for breakfast

4.  When he was a puppy we setup an IP camera so I could keep an eye on him at work. I believe this is called Helicopter Parenting!

5.  My husband is building him a sandpit in our yard for him to bury his bones

6.  The amount of money we spend on dog walking per year could buy me a Lanvin Happy Medium Quilted bag and a Mulberry Bayswater bag... hmmm dog vs. bag (just kidding!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

96. Zimmerman shorts again...

When I was eleven years old I had bright pink bike shorts with purple polka dots. I used to wear them under a white and pink short floral "skort" (shorts that look like a skirt)... the bright pink would stick out the bottom just enough to add coolness... I thought I was really trendy, but it was the 80's! I swore I would never wear a skort again!

I was quite disturbed on the weekend when I wore these pink shorts and a lady stopped me and asked 'Is that a skort?' OMG!!!

Top|Feel the Piece, Shorts|Zimmerman, Bag|Lulu Yasmine, Shoes|Boston Belle

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

95. Smile like you mean it

I came across a hilarious article in New Zealand Fashion Quarterly. It was discussing the fashion industry's adverse position on smiling, pointing out the types of 'smile' models and fashion elite display... I thought I would adapt their favourite smiles to the tasks I undertake on a daily basis...

Image & Smile definitions from NZ Fashion Quarterly magazine

The Face Splitting Smile
Often used at home when doing stupid dance moves in my lounge room! Or if I'm guilty of purchasing something that cost more than what I told my husband. 
Commonly worn by Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts

The Grin-and-Bear-It Smile
Used in client meetings when I’m bored and someone has been talking for far too long.
As worn by Kate Middleton and Princess Mary

The Demure Smile
Used when trying to look polite or reserved, especially useful around in-laws. Also to be used when you want to look posh or proper!
Always used by Angelina Jolie, Carey Mulligan and Miss Piggy

The All Knowing Smile
Recently used when I saw my Givenchy bag in DJ’s for 50% more than what I originally paid, yay!
As worn by Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth

The Too-Cool-for-School Smile
Always used in clothing stores when dealing with stuck-up sales assistants
As worn by Sofia Coppola, Kristen Stewart and Batman

Thursday, October 18, 2012

94. Red lipsticks for fair skin

This is the result when you're bored on Sunday and start playing with lipsticks... Red lips make you feel glamorous. Taylor Swift and Kate Bosworth both do amazing red lips, why can't mine look like that...

Drawing on Nude lip... pretending to look professional

Last time I bought a red lipstick the Mecca girls told me to start with a neutral or red pencil as a base. I don't like drying pencils, so I'm using this Nars one which actually works quite well on its own.

Nars Bettina Velvet lip pencil

Ta da!

A subtle red gloss. I bought this in the airport when I saw the gigantic lips on the Coco Rouge poster...
I'm the perfect advertising sucker!

I like this one!

This is what happens after 39 photos...

I probably should have exfoliated my lips for this one

I think this is a bit crooked...oops. These photos are very close-up, eek!

Chanel Coco Rouge Sine 63 Rebelle, YSL Rouge 18, Mac Ruby Woo 

Next I will do this on my guinea-pig sister who has more tanned skin! love, love love...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

92. Spring Carnival inspiration

Lots of beautiful, ladylike, pretty things from Christian Dior's SS|2012 campaign for Spring Carnival inspiration! I'll take one of each thank you.

All photos from

Saturday, October 13, 2012

91. Cropped jackets on casual Friday

This is my go to outfit for casual Fridays in the office... jeans, boots, jacket and white t-shirt. Just as it started looking like summer was coming, the cold weather and rain did my boots!

These are two of my favourite jackets right now - a Manning Cartel gold linen-blend mermaid jacket, which feels quite ladylike with the nipped in waist and peplum at the back.

Manning Cartel Mermaid jacket

Still on the ladylike bandwagon with this Thurley boucle cropped jacket... it has silver metallic thread weaved throughout. I got it on sale at a Chadstone VIP day - even better!

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