Tuesday, October 23, 2012

95. Smile like you mean it

I came across a hilarious article in New Zealand Fashion Quarterly. It was discussing the fashion industry's adverse position on smiling, pointing out the types of 'smile' models and fashion elite display... I thought I would adapt their favourite smiles to the tasks I undertake on a daily basis...

Image & Smile definitions from NZ Fashion Quarterly magazine

The Face Splitting Smile
Often used at home when doing stupid dance moves in my lounge room! Or if I'm guilty of purchasing something that cost more than what I told my husband. 
Commonly worn by Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts

The Grin-and-Bear-It Smile
Used in client meetings when I’m bored and someone has been talking for far too long.
As worn by Kate Middleton and Princess Mary

The Demure Smile
Used when trying to look polite or reserved, especially useful around in-laws. Also to be used when you want to look posh or proper!
Always used by Angelina Jolie, Carey Mulligan and Miss Piggy

The All Knowing Smile
Recently used when I saw my Givenchy bag in DJ’s for 50% more than what I originally paid, yay!
As worn by Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth

The Too-Cool-for-School Smile
Always used in clothing stores when dealing with stuck-up sales assistants
As worn by Sofia Coppola, Kristen Stewart and Batman

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