Thursday, October 18, 2012

94. Red lipsticks for fair skin

This is the result when you're bored on Sunday and start playing with lipsticks... Red lips make you feel glamorous. Taylor Swift and Kate Bosworth both do amazing red lips, why can't mine look like that...

Drawing on Nude lip... pretending to look professional

Last time I bought a red lipstick the Mecca girls told me to start with a neutral or red pencil as a base. I don't like drying pencils, so I'm using this Nars one which actually works quite well on its own.

Nars Bettina Velvet lip pencil

Ta da!

A subtle red gloss. I bought this in the airport when I saw the gigantic lips on the Coco Rouge poster...
I'm the perfect advertising sucker!

I like this one!

This is what happens after 39 photos...

I probably should have exfoliated my lips for this one

I think this is a bit crooked...oops. These photos are very close-up, eek!

Chanel Coco Rouge Sine 63 Rebelle, YSL Rouge 18, Mac Ruby Woo 

Next I will do this on my guinea-pig sister who has more tanned skin! love, love love...

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  1. Yipppeee, its a damn better job than I'd do! I like the third shade too, brings out your eyes! "aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"


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