Sunday, October 28, 2012

97. 6 things we do for our dog that we don't tell anyone

Whilst sitting at the vet last week waiting for my dog Ari to have his vaccination, I watched a woman tell her dog "I'm cooking you a chicken bake for dinner tonight, with crunchy cheese just how you like it" *cookoo* ...but then I thought this is why Ari and I battle for #2 position in our family - he thinks he is human and it's our fault.

Photo by N.Leach

1.  When we get takeaway from Urban Burger (yum) we order a beef pattie for Ari. Once (when I rang to order) I felt the need to tell them it was for my dog... the person asked if he wanted fries with that... *not funny*

2.  In Vietnam earler this year, we had a cushion cover made especially for Ari's bed. I wanted a neutral colour to match our couch, duh!

3.  He eats Uncle Toby's Oat Crisps with milk for breakfast

4.  When he was a puppy we setup an IP camera so I could keep an eye on him at work. I believe this is called Helicopter Parenting!

5.  My husband is building him a sandpit in our yard for him to bury his bones

6.  The amount of money we spend on dog walking per year could buy me a Lanvin Happy Medium Quilted bag and a Mulberry Bayswater bag... hmmm dog vs. bag (just kidding!)

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