Wednesday, August 14, 2013

117. Nursery Snapshots

After spending many hours on and various other design sites, I started planning the nursery. First step... convince husband to paint stripes on the wall. Not as simple as you would think (the stripes that is).

I had the boring task of taping all the stripes, which is why we only did one wall. After hours of bending down with a fat pregnant belly, I didn't want stripes any more. Nonetheless, I think they turned out just fine.

These are a few snapshots of the work-in-progress nursery. I should be finished by the time Jack is walking, then I'm sure I will have changed my mind and be ready for an update... just kidding, love you husband! he he

Pictures|Animal Print Shop & Ikea frames, Elephants mobile|From cute kids shop in Elwood

I walked past this moose at Ikea for years and always thought he was so cute, but a little weird if I purchased it with no children. So he was the first nursery purchase! I'm not sure he'll ever be used, but he looks good.

I borrowed this Moses basket from a friend... as a sucker for cute baby things, at first I only wanted to set it up because it looked pretty in the nursery. Yes I know that is lame... but baby Jack is sleeping in it now. The jury is still out on whether he should go straight in the cot.

Cot & Shelves|Oeuf, Seed Pod Moses Basket, Pendant & Lamp|Beacon Lighting, Moose|Ikea, Toy Box & Drawers with Change Table|Parenthood

This is Ewan the Dream Sheep. He's a white noise toy and is the best $40 I have ever spent... Washing machine & Vacuum swishing noises are one of those things you only need to know about when you have a newborn baby.

Now I better get this room finished before my child goes to school!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE IT! Sheepies are soo cute and the stripes have come up fantastic! ;)


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