Saturday, November 09, 2013

123. Lucky Boy Sunday

...Is it wrong that my baby son has 12 pairs of shoes he can't actually wear? The problem with being a mum is that you now have an excuse to buy all those cute baby things - like anything from Lucky Boy Sunday. I bought a few things from this Danish label when I was planning the nursery (I'll post some updates soon)... It's totally luxe and you will want to buy everything (even if you don't have a baby)!! 

My husband thinks I have a natural radar to only want things that are Scandinavian... I can't help that I'm attracted to nice things - that's a compliment to you husband (love you) he he

What's with Denmark anyway? It seems everyone born there is genetically programmed to create beautiful things (or babies).

All images from Lucky Boy Sunday

Speaking of Danish things actually, I have a secret love of the royals, including Princess Mary (even though she's a ring-in). I blame my mum for that, it's a baby boomer thing.

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