Monday, January 23, 2012

51. January outfit inspiration

I've mentioned before I have an addiction to magazines. So I thought a new way to manage all the clippings I rip out and stick to a board would be to scan first and create a montage... actually to be honest I ran out of room on my board, so I stick pictures on the back of my bedroom door now. My fiancĂ© thinks this entitles him to stick things on there too, but this is another issue entirely (it messes up my wall)... Here's my January wall.

Images (L-to-R)|Shopbop, Necklace|Fallon, Opera Clutch|Rachael Ruddick, Outfit|Net-a-porter, Image|Samantha Wills, Bangles|Samantha Wills, Bagllerina ballet flats, Dress Image|Net-a-porter, Summer Capri outfit|STYD magazine, Perfume arrangement|Eric Cook Design, Shoes|Miu Miu, Yellow shoes|Siren from STYD magazine, Marilyn Monroe Image|Madison magazine, Snake Bangle|Samantha Wills, Lingerie|Miranda Kerr Madison shoot, Summer outfit|Net-a-porter

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