Sunday, September 16, 2012

80. Saturday afternoon in the park

Yesterday we planned to look at new couches for an hour or so... 4 hours and 5 shops later, we still don't have a couch but we're down to a short list of two. So after 37 fabric swatches, 12 couches, and some very helpful sales people, we went out for an afternoon walk in the lovely spring sun!

Boston Belle ballet flats - took a while to wear in, but now they're comfy!
Jacket|Thurley, t-shirt|James Perse, Jeans|S&B Skinny Boy

VERY CUTE Labradoodle = Ari
Cute husband and dog!
Now naughty dog who does not want to leave the park!

Now that my travel schedule at work has settled down, I finally have time for my blog.

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