Sunday, September 23, 2012

82. Casual Friday wear

I love Fridays!

We dropped into Radio Mexico in St Kilda for a drink and bite to eat on the way home from work. This could become our new local, it's close to home and the food is simple and delicious! Having eaten lots of fabulous Mexican in California I have decided you can't get great Mexican anywhere else in Australia... besides Mamasita, which remains my absolute favourite (so far). Radio Mexico is very popular, so if you don't want to wait, go early and order upfront.

Coat|Saba, Bag|Mulberry, Shoe|Givenchy

Top of my list to eat:
CHILAQUILES (Nachos) - far superior to the average western Nachos with a smooth Spicy bean flavour that packs a punch!
ELOTES - Corn on the Cob street style, which will melt in your mouth
And of course Tacos (in this order):
1. POLLO - bbq chicken. The zesty flavour of the salsa and guacamole pops in your mouth, plus these were better than chicken tacos I've eaten in Mexico!
2. BARBACOA - slow cooked lamb (total comfort food)
3. PESCADO DE LA CASA - grilled fish with a delicious black bean & corn salsa
4. AL PASTOR - pork with a sweet pineapple dressing

Top it off with FRESAS for dessert - strawberries drenched in a balsamic-tasting sauce with coconut sugar, meringue and cream. Yum! ...then we rolled home because we were so full!

Photo and logo from Radio Mexico (my photo didn't work)

Jumper|Joseph knit, Skirt|Cue, Necklace|handmade in Bali
FYI - these photos was taken before dinner when we had not eaten half the menu!

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