Tuesday, January 10, 2012

48. Tribal wear

A quick post with my tribal dress today... I feel very feminine wearing girly dresses! This ball skirt style - made famous by Christian lacroix with his 'le pouf' ball skirt gown - accentuates my waist and works really well with a blazer that finishes at the hip. I don't think it's too poufy for work, plus I'm wearing this with my tried and true navy blazer to make it more formal.

Hmmm, I feel like I'm giving style advice today... this is not the case I just wanted to write 'le pouf' for my sister!!

Dress|Gorman, Shoes|YSL, Bracelet|Vintage from my grandma
This dress came from Gorman. Lisa Gorman creates beautiful organic wear and the most amazing patterns, vibrant colours and things that you can't get anywhere else. I think that's why I love her label so much, I always end up with a few pieces each season. Plus these YSL tributes are my new babies from Mexico (on sale of course)!

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