Saturday, January 21, 2012

49. The Yellow Chair

This morning whilst out at breakfast with my fiancé, he looked up from his newspaper and asked why I had teary eyes. Note, I have been known to get teary at random things... like when George died in Grey's Anatomy (sorry if you missed that episode but it was a few seasons ago), or when the boy was reunited with his horse in the movie we watched last night - Warhorse (sorry again).

Back to the point, I had just finished reading Stephen McGrath's short story - The Yellow Chair about neighbours in an old Melbourne suburb. Inspired by photographs he saw in an exhibition, this story actually came in third place in The Age's short story competition.

Take 10 minutes to read this beautiful story... I like to think that in our lives we still care about others and how we impact their lives.

Illustration by Jim Pavlidis

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