Tuesday, March 27, 2012

63. My shoe room

A few years ago I turned one of our bedrooms into my shoe room. My fiancé built shelves for my shoes, helped wallpaper the room and install new light fittings (lucky he likes doing handyman jobs)... now I've filled the room with shoes and dust collectors. My 3 beautiful nieces spend most of their time in this room when they visit!

My small collection of tea cups, unusual glass bottles and jars and kerosine lamps is growing. These cute jars with butterflies are from my good friend who used them on her wedding tables with pretty little flowers in them... they work well for storing chunky necklaces.

I think my shoe room will forever be a work-in-progress as I keep changing things around. The next thing to do is refurbish the chair I found on eBay, it fits nicely in the corner of the room.

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